• Alyse Bukach

Part 3 Moving Forward

Many times your faith may be tested by things that occur in your life.

Divorce, money troubles, illness, and a loved one one’s death can mkae you

question why God or any other entity would allow this to happen to you.

Keep the faith to know that you are not

alone in your struggles for we are all fighting some type of battle in our lives.

Simply because we are all human and no one is perfect..

some of us are just better ar covering it up than others. In order to move forward in life,

you need a firm foundation to step from. By understanding what and

where you want to go in life will provide your vision and spirit, it

will give you your foundation to keep moving forward.

Open your heart and trust that everything in this life,

no matter what it is happens for a reason. Faith is having the courage to deal

with problems you are facing in your life. Faith believes that there is a greater

good and things will get better. Even though it may seem unlikely,

or even impossible, faith is what can pull you through.

As for me I keep doing what I can, and it seems that I do better when I writie things down.

So I’m helping others and myself.