• Alyse Bukach

First Winter Fall

Alyse Bukach

Sept 13/2018

This view is so magical, not a soul insight, just me standing here at the campground

covered with white winters flakes.

I close my eyes, head up high as I feel the first snowflake setting down touching my dried skin.

As snow is getting thicker covering the ground even more with white.

The trees are not quite bare, the fields not quite combined and not everyone is ready for winter.

Although I feel clumsy in all these clothes, I am happy whenever it snows.

A winter wonderland is more to come and to explore.

I feel we are lucky to live where we can enjoy all the wonders of Fall,

Winter and the the beauty of Spring and the heat of Summer.

Snow is for being so white, that it brightens and lightens even in the night.